Imagine ... taking a romantic apéritif on the terrace at sunset? On a bike ride with the kids ... or the grand kids maybe? ... Walking along the Bay by the fluting basin and buy shrimp for lunch after a ride on the merry-go-round
Planting flowers around the mobile home, decorating your mobile home?
In short, relax, unwind and find yourself!
You want to take the plunge, we are here for you.


We have serviced pitches with flowered hedges, neat facilities, attentive staff who are there to help you with your mobile home purchase (new or second-hand) finding the perfect plot, selecting materials, financing and installation.

We meet and take the all needed time to go over your questions, our proposals and to find together the best solution. Our business is to be at your service!

Initially, there are 2 possibilities:

The purchase of a second-hand mobile home for sale in the campsite, based on availability at the time. And if you find your heart's desire, you can settle quickly ...

(See below the list of second-hand mobile homes currently available)

Or the purchase of a new mobile home with us or one of our partners.

Unique holidays!

Together, we think about the best options depending on your family (children, grandchildren, childless couple ...) your budget, your tastes and your lifestyle.

We visit the campsite to select a pitch and a great adventure then begins. It will last as long as you decide ...

Becoming a mobile home owner is to take the time to live, to enjoy the simple things of quality and it also means trust.

When a family moves in with us, we ensure their well-being, connections are created ... for many years ...

We take our commitment to you very seriously!

Mobile homes meet safety standards AFNOR, with excellent insulation and trendy decoration.

Our partners are committed to quality and the environment.

Mobile home opportunity announcement

  • Mobil Home Louisiane Flores - 3 chambres

    Mobil Home Louisiane Flores - 3 chambres

    Année 2010 - avec terrasse

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  • O'Hara 830 - 2 chambres - Belle parcelle!

    O'Hara 830 - 2 chambres - Belle parcelle!

    Mobil home d'occasion 2 chambres

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  • Louisiane Grand Large 2 - Année 2007

    Louisiane Grand Large 2 - Année 2007

    2 mobils home - disponible en septembre

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  • second-hand Mobil-home - Trigano Bastide 33

    second-hand Mobil-home - Trigano Bastide 33

    second-hand 2 bedroom mobilhome

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