Der Strand von Le Crotoy ist GEÖFFNET

Der Strand von Le Crotoy ist GEÖFFNET

16/05/2020 - 16/05/2020

📣📣📣Access to Le Crotoy beach is again possible for dynamic use such as walking and individual sports activities.👍

Barrier measures and rules of social distancing must be respected there. Please note: "gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited there".

Attention must be paid to respecting the flora and fauna, in particular in the tops of the beach and the sand dunes, in view in particular of the proven presence of nesting birds🐦🐣

These provisions will of course be subject to checks by the police and municipal police. In case of violation of these measures there will be a fine of 135 €.

The prefect relies on civility and a sense of responsibility, individual and collective, so that barrier gestures and measures of social distancing are respected.

Take good care of yourself!

See you soon in the Baie de Somme!

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