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Have you dreamed for many years of treating yourself to a new or second-hand mobile home in a Baie de Somme campsite, a leading natural and tourist site in the Hauts de France region? With Yelloh! Village Le Ridin, you can!
By becoming the owner of a mobile home on our establishment, you will have the opportunity to spend an excellent holiday “at home” whilst making the most of the equipment, facilities and services of a high-end campsite in Le Crotoy!

Becoming an owner
of a mobile home in Le Crotoy

To accommodate your mobile home, we make available serviced pitches bordered by flowering hedges, well-maintained facilities, attentive staff in the services…and a genuine skill to assist you in developing your project to purchase a mobile home. This applies whether it is new or second-hand, from selecting the plot, including the materials, through to its financing and fitting out.

We make an appointment with you and take the necessary time to explore with you your questions, our ideas, and find the best solutions together. It is our job. We’re at your service!
Le Ridin campsite Le Crotoy, family, father pointing
To become an owner at Le Ridin,
we offer you 2 options:
Alternatively you can buy one of the second-hand mobile home residences we have for sale
depending upon what is available
at the given time. If you find happiness with us, you can very quickly settle in…
Alternatively buy a new mobile home at Le Ridin or from one of our partner organisations.

A perfect campsite to put down
your mobile home and your bag!

We consider together the best choice for you depending upon your family (whether you have children, grandchildren, or are a couple with no children…). We consider these factors, in the light of your budget, your tastes and your lifestyle. We visit the campsite together. We select your pitch, we start a big adventure which will last whatever time you decide…

Becoming the owner on our campsite in Le Crotoy, is to take time to experience the Baie de Somme, enjoy simple pleasures, quality and also trusting us!

When a family settles in with us, we ensure their well-being, links are made… and for a number of years… We’re dedicated to our commitments!
Le Ridin campsite Le Crotoy, accommodation, family dining on the terrace of their mobile home
Le Ridin campsite Le Crotoy, children’s pool playing in the paddling pool
The mobile homes now meet Afnor French safety standards, the insulation is of excellent quality here, the trendy décor is well thought out.
Our partners are committed to approaches involving both quality and the environment.