Le Ridin campsite Le Crotoy, the Doudoux family at the beach, Isabelle and Cédric and their children

Crafters of happiness
since 1982

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More than a story,
a family adventure
Crafting your happiness since 1999! That’s how we can define the Doudoux family, the Le Ridin campsite owner for 20 years! A genuine family adventure, Le Ridin is now one of the loveliest campsites in the Baie de Somme. A continuous development, with the objective of offering you the best possible holidays in Le Crotoy!
In 1982, Dany Doudoux was behind setting up a campsite in Le Crotoy. At the same time the Le Ridin campsite was created. Some years later, Le Ridin fell into disuse. At that time the farmhouse, the flagship building and characteristic of the site, became neglected. In 1999, Dany Doudoux took up the challenge of restoring Le Ridin.

As the years have passed, the campsite has moved increasingly upmarket. It thus acquired the 4th star in 2009. The swimming pool was opened in 2001.
Le Ridin campsite Le Crotoy, swimming pool, sunloungers
In 2012, Dany Doudoux handed over the reigns of the campsite to his daughter Isabelle who, together with her husband Cédric, is now pursuing the family adventure. Le Ridin is nowadays a quality establishment, which respects its anchorage in Picardy tradition whilst being ever more open to the world, with its French guests, but also English, Belgian, Dutch, German, Swiss, Spanish guests etc.

Although the Doudoux family is investing all its know-how and values in the campsite, they haven’t forgotten external input either. Their colleagues are stakeholders in the development of the campsite. Who knows better the holidaymakers’ expectations than the colleagues in all the services, who rub shoulders with them on a daily basis?
Le Ridin campsite Le Crotoy, the Doudoux family on the beach, Dany, Isabelle and Cédric
By joining the voluntary chain Yelloh! Village in 2015, that you will be able to discover by clicking on the link, we wished to raise the bar in holidaymaker accommodation, regarding the experience that tourists can have by staying at Le Ridin.

Ever more comfort, ever more services, ever more wellness for you, nowadays and indeed for a very long time to come!
Le Ridin campsite Le Crotoy, Yellito, the Yelloh! Village mascot in Le Crotoy
Le Ridin campsite Le Crotoy, team
Shared values
Since our establishment opened in 1982, we have always wished to share with the holidaymakers the values of respect, simplicity, openness and mutual assistance. These are fundamental values that all of our colleagues have integrated, and implement every day on the campsite. Between us or when helping you, it is vital that everyone feels happy, equally in their job as during their stay at Le Ridin.
Crafting happiness, every season we do everything we can for your delight. We are here to listen to you, favouring dialogue so as to fulfil every holidaymaker’s needs.
Both committed and motivated, our colleagues are anxious to do the right thing. Straightforward, they remain discreet although naturally welcoming, being from Picardy and big-hearted, proud of their region, their jobs and their passions. They will share all of this with you, if you take the time for a chat with them!
A close-knit team
Camping Le Ridin campsite Le Crotoy, Isabelle and Cédric Doudoux, campsite managers
Throughout the entire year, Isabelle and Cédric, the campsite managers, supervise a modest-sized team but whose skills, energy and commitment to the mission are far from being (modest)!
Le Ridin campsite Le Crotoy, Julie campsite manager
Julie is the manager of the site. Arriving at Le Ridin in 2014, she immediately felt at home and it shows! All over the place, she works hard to make the campsite an ever more delightful holiday resort. Taking care of small cuts and larger matters, everyday management is absolutely no rest for her, even if the campsite lends itself (to rest)!
Le Ridin campsite Le Crotoy, Magalie, head receptionist
Magali is the head receptionist on the campsite. At reception, she responds to information requests and takes care of bookings. Her knowledge, as much of the campsite as the region, guarantees you an unforgettable stay…
Le Ridin campsite Le Crotoy, Anthony technician
Anthony is a technician. With his colleagues Paul and Jason, together they maintain the campsite passionately. Meticulous in their work, they are always on hand, as much when a gas bottle needs changing in a mobile home as when opening a bottle of champagne, to celebrate the end of the season.
Le Ridin campsite Le Crotoy, Dorothée and Elisabeth, housekeepers
Dorothée and Elisabeth are both housekeepers. Cleanliness is their speciality. The former has already been waging war on dust at the Le Ridin campsite for 10 seasons. In the Somme region, this is no small battle!
Le Ridin campsite Le Crotoy, Anthony and Lydia, restaurant managers
Anthony and Lydia are the restaurant managers. Genuinely passionate about their job, they transmit to gourmets their love both for cuisine and gastronomy. You are guaranteed to spend delightful times with them.
Le Ridin campsite Le Crotoy, Yellito on his bike
Lastly Yellito is our mascot. The children’s friend knows how to make parents laugh and shares his good humour with holidaymakers!
This team is strengthened during the high season by numerous seasonal workers, who are dynamic and motivated and with infectious joie de vivre. If you wish to be part of the team, do not delay in going on our recruitment page.