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of holiday In the Baie de Somme estuary
An exceptional experience
Le Ridin campsite Le Crotoy, family having lunch on the terrace of a cottage
Day 1
A well-deserved rest!
You arrived the day before, after the journey which was exhausting for you! It was the first time that your children, sat behind you in the car, had ridden for such a long time. Games, songs, the various series on their smartphones unfortunately were not enough…the multiple exclamations of “Are we nearly there yet?” are still going round in your head when you wake up. Fortunately, the mattress is comfortable and you did not have to count sheep when falling asleep…
Camping Le Ridin Le Crotoy, animations, spectacle pour enfants
Camping Le Ridin Le Crotoy, petit déjeuné sur la terrasse du Cottage Les Cygnes
There is quite the art to doing nothing...
Today the whole family is ordered to rest. Mum and Dad enjoy their breakfast on the large sun-drenched terrace of the “The Cygnes Premium” cottage, a genuine little gem of comfort with its master bedroom, the children’s bedroom, cocoon living area and especially its private spa! The kids haven’t taken long to recover from the journey, they are full of energy and stamping their feet wanting to explore the campsite!
Le Ridin campsite Le Crotoy, accommodation, family, father pointing
And splash!
That’s it now, you’ve given in! The children have long since slipped on their swimwear as soon as you said yes to them. This afternoon, it is swimming for them and idleness on the sunloungers for you. After all lazing in the sunshine, is doing nothing…the campsite water park is far lovelier in reality, with its heated swimming pool and its paddling pool. Having made the most of this, the youngest decides to venture into the deep end…he can already swim very well for his age.
Le Ridin campsite Le Crotoy, a father playing with his son in the paddling pool
Aerial view of the Baie de Somme © Shutterstock
Day 2
Attack the Baie
If you have chosen a family stay at the Le Ridin campsite, you can make the most of its attractions, and especially its idyllic location in Le Crotoy, the famous seaside resort of the Baie de Somme estuary. It is this that you wish to discover as a priority. Everyone around you on-site has already spoken of it. Classified as a “Grand Site de France” (a label the French state awards to sites respecting the natural environment with significant resident and visitor challenges) listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Baie de Somme estuary is considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world. With its majestic natural landscape, it is on a par with its counterparts San Francisco, Halong, Antalya, Le Mont Saint Michel or even Taytay.
Children shrimping © Somme Tourisme
Vue aérienne de la baie de somme ©Somme Tourisme, Nicolas Bryant
Pedal, pedal
To discover the beauty of the Baie de Somme estuary, one of the best solutions is to explore it by bike. It is in any case the most ecological solution and the most respectful of the biodiversity which it is home to, with notably 300 species of migratory birds, which settle there on beautiful sunny days. Some 49 kilometres of cycle tracks, for a total of 8 discovery circuits, all loops. This is good news, as on the Le Ridin campsite, you able to hire adults’ and children’s bikes, as well as electric bikes and trailers!
Beauty which leaves
you “Gaping”!
This bike trip is the chance to discover magnificent landscapes. With its large natural spaces as far as far as the eye can see, the Baie de Somme estuary gives the impression of being at the end of the world. Children and adults are astounded at seeing so much beauty. Here, the sea and land blend for the best, giving rise to a natural area of 200 hectares formed of dunes, marshes and forests.
Watching the sun going down in the Baie de Somme in Le Crotoy © Shutterstock
Seals and birds in the Baie de Somme © Somme Tourisme, Stéphane Bouilland
Day 3
Bubbles to get you back on your feet!
The first day out sightseeing and exploring is superbly well spent, but you must indeed admit pedalling all day can leave its mark, especially when you’re not used to it. To relax, what better than making the most of the spa located on the terrace of your cottage. Solely given over to your wellness, the four of you settle down in this Jacuzzi, for a genuine moment of relaxation, recalling your memories of the day before. You are notably not ready to quickly forget this out-of-the-ordinary encounter, detouring on a path leading to a wild beach, you found yourself face to face with a colony of seals…
Phoques en baie de somme
Camping Le Ridin Le Crotoy, Cottage Premium le Cygne, jacuzzi
Under the cobbles…the beach
Speaking of the beach in fact, why not go for a walk there this afternoon? The sun is already drenching the Picardy coast copiously today. It would be a shame not to make the most of it. Once again, the children need little time to get ready! Bucket and spade, umbrella, towel and sun cream, head for the nearest beach to the campsite. It is located at Le Crotoy, only 2.5 kilometres away. The children haven’t forgotten to take their shrimping nets either. Before swimming and whilst awaiting the rising tide, everybody has a shore fishing trip…
Family at the beach in the baie de somme © Somme Tourisme
An apéritif as the sun goes down
The afternoon comes to an end and the sun starts to go down. From this moment, the Baie de Somme estuary takes on its finest colours. To extend the pleasure, you decide to go and have a drink on the terrace of the Le Crotoy bar. Everyone enjoys this genuine time of closeness and sharing, around a fruit juice for the children, and a lovely glass of white wine for Mum and Dad, whilst admiring this magnificent sunset…
Moon the above the village of Le Crotoy © Shutterstock
Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, railway, steam train © Somme Tourisme
Day 4
Choo! Choo!
Discovering the Baie de Somme by bike is not enough for you. Today a vast menu is promised with notably, in the morning, a railway trip in the Baie de Somme estuary, by taking the steam train tourist attraction from the Belle Epoque era! Managed by an association of enthusiasts, this tourist railway enables you to travel from the Le Crotoy station to the stations of Noyelles sur Mer and Saint Valéry sur Somme, to Cayeux sur Mer. Discover antique carriages and steam trains, renovated with care, for an extraordinary journey through the past around the estuary.
Chemin de fer, train à vapeur © Somme tourisme
Chemin de fer, train à vapeur © Somme tourisme, F.Leonardi
Paddle, paddle...
Come the afternoon, discovering the bay continues…not inland but from the sea! Indeed, you decide to have a dugout canoe trip. The children love it, notably because this enables them to better observe local flora.
Kayak on the beach of the Baie de Somme © Somme Tourisme, Nicolas Bryant
Le Ridin campsite Le Crotoy, activities, shows for children
Day 5
The mini disco
The end of the holiday is gradually nearing. Today, your eldest daughter refuses to come with you. She would prefer to stay at the campsite. It must be said that she has already made a lot of friends. You thus decide to entrust her to the care of the activity leaders of the children’s club who, as for every day, have concocted a multitude of activities and entertainment for the young. Amongst these is the organisation of the mini disco, which will take place this evening…
Le Ridin campsite Le Crotoy, children’s activities, a party
Camping Le Ridin Le Crotoy, animations, gouter d\'anniversaire, préparation de la boom
The old buildings which have a story to tell
Accompanied by your youngest child, you decide to go to Saint Valery sur Somme, which you were able to catch a glimpse of from the tourist train during the previous day. One of the three ports of the Baie de Somme estuary has an exceptional heritage. The medieval town is thus a member of the most beautiful detours in France network (Plus Beaux Détours de France – having interesting heritage, craft and gastronomic identity, quality accommodation and welcome). Strolling in the cobbled streets, discover the ramparts and the Guillaume towers, Saint Martin’s church, the quays running alongside the estuary and the sailors district of “Courtgain”. Each building in the town has its own story to tell, whether that of William the Conqueror, Joan of Arc, etc.
Saint-Valery © Somme Tourisme
Marquenterre & Mer menu
Your trip to Saint Valéry sur Somme has barely ended, and you have to head for the Parc de Marquenterre protected marsh, dunes and forest reserve. It is indeed at the entrance to this legendary site of the Baie de Somme estuary that you have anticipated having dinner. The “La Tablée du Marquenterre” restaurant offers delicious and local cuisine, perfect for sampling the treasures of gastronomy of the Baie: samphire, asters, fresh mussels grown on stakes known locally as moules de bouchot…After the meal, the Parc du Marquenterre trip, with its exceptional natural landscapes, offers the opportunity to admire several thousand migratory birds. Tickets can be bought at the automatic ticket machine on the campsite, binoculars are loaned by the Le Ridin campsite. Everyone listens religiously to the local guide, a real fount of knowledge! Silence! Here you are simply a guest in bird territory!
Crane at the Parc du Marquenterre reserve © Somme Tourisme, F.Leonardi
Jardins de Valloires Cistercian gardens, Argoules © Somme Tourisme, A.Carrier
Day 6
The dilemma of holidays
Your Big Departure Day is tomorrow. You are thus divided between the idea of staying on the campsite, to make the most of it to the max, or to go out for one final time to discover other treasures. The Baie de Somme has plenty to offer you! From the Abbaye de Valloires abbey gardens to the Musée des Frères Caudron aeronautical brothers’ pioneer museum to the Château Fort de Rambures fortress castle, you had ticked off in your mind even more of the many visitor tourist attractions. The children and your better half have other ideas in mind though. Today, you will therefore stay at the Le Ridin campsite!
Musée des frère Caudron © Somme tourisme
Camping Le Ridin Le Crotoy, salle de fitness
Free time for everyone
For this last day of the holiday, everyone is free to do as they please. The eldest did not ask for more, and very quickly went to find her friends at the Mini-Club. It only took a few days for them to get to know each other, and they already seem to have become the biggest besties in the world! Mum and junior wish to make the most of the play area. Sliding down the slide, making the most of the play facilities. At that age, they have a marked passion for adventure and a vivid imagination. As for Dad, finally he will be able make the most of the gym and body-building area, which he has been drawn to since he arrived…
Le Ridin campsite Le Crotoy, children playing in the garden of a cottage
Day 7
This is only “See you soon”...
It’s D-Day, time for goodbyes and the return home. Whilst the eldest went to say goodbye to her friends one last time, the youngest hangs onto the railings of the terrace like mussel to a rock! He doesn’t want to leave! The holiday is too still too short and he feels that he has not benefitted enough from it.
Vélo en familles, grand parent et petits enfants
Camping Le Ridin Le Crotoy , Les Mouettes 3 fleurs, extérieur, terrasse, famille
We’ll meet up again next year!
Unfortunately you have to go home…for the children, the holiday has not totally ended…on the way home, you have planned to drop them off for a few further days of delight at Grandma and Grandpa. On the other hand for you…you try as best as you can to put on a brave face when giving back your cottage keys, but your eyes give you away. We well know this look which says much about the enjoyment that you have had in recent days in our company, and the sadness of leaving us so quickly. Thus, as a moral booster, we’re already looking forward to seeing you…here next year!
Yellito in front of the town sign for Le Crotoy
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